Tale of the Century Bride

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Hey everybody,

I just finished a new book! My first one with vampires in it. It’s called, Tale of the Century Bride.

Many years ago, in a land located somewhere in the arctic archipelago of what is now current day Norway, and long after the days of the black death, there was a group of survivors who banded together to eventually form the tiny village of Dalmar. Living right in the middle of constant turmoil, as landlords squabbled over the lands continually, the highest ranking and oldest living vampire in the region, Count August, successfully developed a harmonious resolution with the peoples of the small village that was beneficial to them all.

The arrangement in effect was quite simple, yet brilliant – he would provide the peoples of his lands protection and security from any and all forms of conflict. But in order to ensure the continued peace of their village, Count August required a simple tribute to be paid him from the populace, once each century – but were the people of the village ready to pay the price he required?

Here is the link if you would like to get it – only .99¢ right now


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