New Opportunity to Get “Toots” Free

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Just wanted to let everybody know that my newest kids book, “Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots: The Amazing True Story of One Boys Gas-tly Abilities”, will be available for FREE from April 12 to April 14, 2013!

cover-imageIt’s perfect for young kids and would make the perfect gift for anyone who happens to have small children. So if you’re a Kindle owner, heck any tablet owner too for that matter I believe, who has access to Amazon will be able to get a copy of my new book for free on those dates.

So, what’s the catch you may be asking? There is none! All I ask in return is if you and your kids like the book maybe you can take a few seconds out of your day and leave me feedback on Amazon about the book so other users will know what you think of it!

I have even added a new cover to make it even more kid friendly. I hope you like it. So if your kids are into gross out type humor – and which kids aren’t – then you should definitely get this book!

Not only do small kids enjoy the topic of farts and farting, but a lot of big kids too. Believe me, I was inspired by several of them when I came up with this story. So have fun reading and enjoy getting a free kids book that they will all enjoy. Thanks so much everybody!