Authors – You Need to Read This Post

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A very good friend shared this article with me and after reading it I thought other authors could really learn a lot from it too. Some really surprising facts were revealed here about book sales (online). So if you are an author, or if you are thinking about writing a book perhaps, then please check out this wonderful information below. They key points were quite astonishing.

A few KEY FINDINGS from this study

1. Ebook Sales Conform to a Power Curve
2. Longer Books Sell Better
3. Shorter Book Titles Appear to Have Slight Sales Advantage
4. $2.99 is the Most Common Price Point
5. Lower Priced Books (usually) Sell More Copies
6. The Yield Graph: Is $3.99 the New $2.99?
7. Why Indie Ebook Authors Have a Competitive Advantage over Traditionally Published Authors